Housing Service Agency
Gondel 1
1186 MJ, Amstelveen

Tel: 020-7671920
Mail: info@housingserviceagency.com


As you know it can be difficult to find a suitable tenant for your property, in addition the demand on a lot of valuable time and effort.

Many landlords (maybe you too) often choose this for the experience of a real estate agent. Fees, which are often equivalent to one month's rent Excl. 21% VAT. Is not strange, of course, you pay for the knowledge and work that the broker do for you.

Housing Service Agency does charge for this service and work only a half month rent + 21% VAT! And we are even 7 days a week for reach and can be used!

By our large file with house hunters, we are able to rent out your property fast!

Do you have housing for rent? You can sign up on our website at Log in Rental House. We will then contact you to schedule an appointment for an intake interview for renting out your property. conversation and advice is free of charge.

We strive for an optimal service for our customers. We listen to you, as much as possible so that we can and will meet your needs. As a landlord you can decide how you want to stay involved in the hiring process.

The benefits of Housing Service Agency:

-more than 10 years of experience in renting out living spaces

-work closely with large companies and fellow brokers

-7 days a week and can be used

-advice and information on size, also during the rental period

Work tasks of Housing Service Agency carried out for you:

-Recording of your property with photo material

-arrangement of property on our website and other sites such as www.pararius.nl

-Mailing of your property (s) to our large file with house hunters and colleagues

-guiding the viewings

-selecting the right candidate tenant (s) and doing a background check

-drafting of the lease on the basis of the ROZ model

-guidance on drawing the rental agreement

-Organizing the for and final inspection (supported by picture material) and key collection

-the collection of the first month's rent and the security deposit

The above are our standard works, this work can be extended to suit your needs. We listen to you, so that we can meet your needs as much as possible and above all. As a landlord you can decide to what extent you want to stay involved in the rental process.

All this is, of course, on a No cure No Pay basis. You pay us only if we have rented your property!

We charge for our services so no full month's rent as at many other with fixed office hours, but only a half months rental + 21% VAT for the full service you ought to get!

Hoping for a pleasant and successful cooperation.

The link : Log in Rental House