Housing Service Agency
Gondel 1
1186 MJ, Amstelveen

Tel: 020-7671920
Mail: info@housingserviceagency.com

Tenants Information

Housing Service Agency your perfect rental agent works on a No cure No pay basis.

Our mediation costs:

  • If we go find a home commissioned by you than you pay us only when there is a successful mediation. The mediation fee is equal to one month's rent + 21% VAT
  • If there is no suitable house on our website then you can instruct us in order for you to find a suitable housing and fill out the free registration form. Mind you that at a successful mediation the charge is equal to 1 month's rent + 21% VAT because we are commissioned by you to find a house.

As you know it can be difficult to find a suitable house accommodation for your employee (s), In addition, this requires too much time, effort and often there also costs involved.

Before registering, please feel free to request information.

If you instruct us to find a suitable property, we work as follows:

  • We will contact you to discuss your requirements so that we can keep this in mind when looking for the suitable housing.
  • advise and guide you in the search of homes.
  • negotiate for you were necessary.
  • draw up an inspection report and inventory list.
  • connecting and controlling the consumer charges.
  • your interests at all on the rental property.
  • Guide to your rental agreement and any agreements of the home.
  • your check-in and your check-out.

If you want to rent a property through our online website, we work as follows:

  • you contact us to discuss if you qualify for the home and making the appointment.
  • There may be multiple parties interested in the property, then we ask extra information of the financial status and in consultation with landlord there will be chosen a candidate.
  • In this we represent only the interests of the landlord.
  • Subscribe to our website is not needed.
  • You must keep an eye on our website regularly.

You can read our general terms and conditions under conditions of registration, General terms and condition.

We hope for a constructive cooperation and that we can make you happy with a nice appropriate home.